Tuesday, May 29, 2012

how to get a rare item in Neopets

One appeal of Neopets is hunting antiques and rare items. There are several items that appeared a few hours and were limited in number. Neopets arguably exciting interactive game. Only, to be able to hunt rare items sold by Neopets (not in the player owned stores), we have to fight extra hard. Neopets is because the system is universal, one server for all.
For that to obtain rare items from the Neopets game should continue to work hard and do not forget to wear a super fast internet server

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

fuzzle nasty trick to play the game Neopets

Fuzzles evil from beyond the Stars is a shooter game on Neopets.com. This is a fast game that requires a steady hand, quick reflexes and a little logic.

This is what you need:

Computer mouse

A. Turn off the sound if you turn your attention in any way. The use of computer mouse would need to defeat all the evil fuzzles right, so plug it in and start to record some of the little monsters.

2. Increase the speed of your cursor by choosing "Control Panel" and then go to "Mouse" tab and choose "Pointer Options." Choose the fastest. You also might want to make your cursor bigger.

3. Shoot all of mine are coming in your way, if possible. They not only ruin your hull (health), but you will get one point for shooting them. They do not add to your multiplier.

4. Buy "megagun" after each station until fully installed. Will be fully installed and you will have to double-click on the gray of the time. Every time you see fuzzle gray, double-click the mouse, every time you see one purple, one-click of the mouse.

5. Keep a close eye on "Hull Integrity" You and the distance to the station. When you see "Approaching the station," wait until you shoot two fuzzles again and then collect your points multiplier.

6. Get into the rhythm of firing the mine, then fuzzle, and other fuzzle. Of course, mine did not always appear, remember that the mines are very lethal.

7. Buy a shield, droid repair, and make sure your stomach on a 100 if you have extra virtucreds after you fully upgrade your weapons. Use additional virtucreds the droid and not as much on the shield because waste time clicking on the shield, and time is precious.


Remember that the game gets harder as you approach the last two stations, so you'll have to go faster when shooting them. You may want to stop shooting mine if you can not follow; fuzzles evil is much more important.

If you're fast enough, reach 1,000 neopoints and maybe even a trophy for the game to win - but of course, practice makes perfect.

Do not go crazy and click around to the "X" on your internet browser, or you will lose all your hard work in a second!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Fight on "Neopets"

Neopets Inc. released "Neopets" in 1999. The online game tasks players with raising a virtual pet. In addition to feeding and playing with them, players can use their pet to fight other Neopets in the Battledome. The Battledome is a game within a game, and it fully utilizes the Neopets' abilities and statistics. By beating other Neopets, your Neopet will raise in rank, gaining access to tougher leagues and meeting the admittance requirements of elite "Neopet" guilds.



  1. Log into your "Neopets" account.
  2. Click on "Games." Enter "battledome" into the search field and click "Show All Games." Click on the game "Battledome." Alternatively, follow the Battledome link provided below.
  3. Click on "Equipment" and select the items you want your neopet to use during the fight. Note that multi-use items can be used as much as you want, while single-use items only have a single attack
  4. Select either "1 Player" or "Challenge a Pet." "1 Player" pits you against a computer-controlled enemy, while the "Challenge a Pet" has you fight other players. 
  5. Choose your opponent and which pet you'll use.
  6. Choose an attack from the drop-down menu. Click "Go!" The screen will reload, showing you the results of your action. Attacks are ordered from most offensive to most defensive. The higher the offense, the greater your odds of a successful hit. The higher the defense, the less likely you are to get hit.
  7. Fight until either you or your opponent loses. If you close the window before the battle is over, it's considered a withdrawal.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to Get Meuka in Neopets

In the interactive online world of Neopia, users can play games, explore, complete quests and battle their Neopets against challengers in the Neopets Battledome. Certain Neopets challengers, such as the infamous Meuka, require users to perform specific tasks before they will challenge them in the Battledome. Meuka, a Neopet made entirely of mucus, will only challenge your Neopet in the Battledome once your Neopet has been infected with either Neoflu or Sneezles.

    Moderately Easy

  1.  Buy a Ferocious Negg to feed to your Neopet. In Neopets, a Ferocious Negg is an expensive item that can be fed to your Neopet to increase its strength by two to four points while also making your Neopet ill. The Ferocious Negg can cause a wide variety of illnesses, but if you're lucky, your Neopet will come down with Neoflu or Sneezles. Ferocious Neggs can be obtained from the Neggery for around 125 Neopoints.
  2. Spin the Wheel of Misfortune and hope your Neopet contracts Neoflu or Sneezles. The Wheel of Misfortune is one of the most common ways that Neopets contract Neoflu or Sneezles in Neopia. Before heading to the Wheel of Misfortune, take all of your valuable items out of your inventory, bank all but 100 of your Neopoints and choose a Neopet that has not yet learned how to read to be your active pet. After that, step up to the Wheel of Misfortune and give it a good spin. If you're lucky, the misfortune you receive will be a bad case of either Neoflu or Sneezles.
  3. Wait for your Neopet to be infected with Neoflu or Sneezles through a random event. A random event is the most common way that Neopets contract Neoflu and Sneezles in Neopia. There are five types of random events: Good, Bad, Pointless, Winter Events and Tyrannian Events. Since you want your Neopet to come down with Neoflu or Sneezles, you want a "Bad" event.
  4. Try using the Wheel of Excitement to infect your Neopet with Neoflu or Sneezles. The Wheel of Excitement game awards good and bad luck events and items, depending on where the wheel stops. The Wheel of Excitement often awards bad luck events in the form of illnesses. Two of the illnesses you may possibly catch from the Wheel of Excitement are Neoflu and Sneezles.
  5. Use the Wheel of Monotony to try and infect your Neopet with Neoflu or Sneezles. The Wheel of Monotony game in Neopets awards players with random events and prizes. It's possible to contract Neoflu or Sneezles from the Wheel of Monotony in the form of random events.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Train Your Neopet

Neopets is an online game where players can adopt virtual pets. Players can feed, battle or play with their Neopets. For those who enjoy battling with their Neopets, training them will increase the chances of winning. Training consists of increasing strength, defense, movement and level statistics.


things you'll need:
  • Neopets account
  1.   Go to the Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island. Select the statistic that you want your Neopet to increase and pay the Academy with dubloons, a form of Neopian currency. Return to the Academy in a few hours to increase your Neopet's statistic.
  2. Visit the Training School on Mystery Island. Choose the statistic that you would like to increase and pay the Training School with the requested codestone. Pick up your Neopet in a few hours from the Training School when its statistic has increased. 
  3. Complete the Secret Laboratory Map to gain access to the Secret Lab Ray. The Secret Lab Ray will alter your pet's appearance, gender or statistics. It may increase your Neopet's statistics, but it may also lower them.  
  4. Complete Kitchen Quests on Mystery Island. In addition to items, the Flotsam Chef may award your Neopet with increases in random statistics. The ratio is about 2 to 4 out of every 10 kitchen quests completed.
  5. Complete Faerie Quests when you are given the opportunity. Faerie Quests are random events that appear as you browse the site. Once you give her the item that she asks for, she will grant your Neopet statistical increases, depending on the faerie.
  6. Visit Coltzan's Shrine once a day. Your Neopet may be granted an increase in a statistic. You may also be awarded with a few hundred Neopoints, food items, battle items or dubloons.

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How to Get a Stretch of Rotted Cloth in NeoQuest

"NeoPets" is a social networking website where users create their own virtual pets and participate in a variety of activities. In "NeoQuest," one of the NeoPets activities, pets go on quests in a fantasy setting. One of the items in the game, the "Stretch of Rotted Cloth," can be used to make a powerful armor known as the "Magic Robe." Finding the item is easy when you know which type of monster possesses it.



  • Level 5 avatar
  1. Travel to Ancient Neopia and go to the Dank Cave located just northeast of the center of the northern island.
  2. Travel to the fourth level of the cave.
  3. Defeat the Skeleton Guardians in the fourth level of the cave. These creature drop Stretches of Rotted Cloth when defeated. Collect them.